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Level 699.6 takes the form of an endless, dark void; devoid of any gravitational forces and sound. When one enters this level, they will immediately feel the sensation of drowning wash over them. After around 40 seconds of struggling, the sensation will quickly subside, revealing a dark endless abyss. The entire level seems to be made up of a ...

Backrooms lvl 6. Things To Know About Backrooms lvl 6.

These entities are infested the bridge in M.E.G. Level 6.9 report, all entities are exterminated and theres an entity called "Fusion Crawler". This place can be sort in 3 areas for so far. Area 1: Starter Rooms This is the most stable area in level 6.9. It assemble an small shack in if you go outside, the shack labeled "The Backrooms Bridge".Level 20.6 is a sublevel between Level 20 (The Warehouse) and Level 21 (The Numbered Doors). However, the sublevel itself is mainly connected to the former, mainly because of the storage-themed corridors. However, the ever-so claustrophobic seem to show a slight resemblance to those of the latter. Because of its constantly shifting nature, it ...In order to effectively use the map, orient yourself in the central room (5 along one wall, 2 on the other). Wretches can be stopped by hitting them with a weapon, Death rats cannot be stopped. The black market will spawn at one of the locations. The hedge maze exit will progress the game, the other will return you to the hub.Level 3008 is the 3009th level of the Backrooms. Description. Level 3008 seems to be similar to Level 45, in the sense that it is a seemingly infinite store, this one is branded as an IKEA. It is one of the safer levels and contains many inhabitants. It has a "Daytime" and "Nighttime" phase, signaled by the lights turning on and off at the same ...Backrooms - Level 6- Lights Out5/4/1998»⠀Unsafe»⠀Unstable»⠀Undetermined Entity CountLevel 6 is the 7th level of the Backrooms.backrooms found footageIF YOU W...

Aug 9, 2021 @ 4:51pm. never mind i found a random poker table in level 5 and brought me to level 7 for some reason lol. #1. Techno09 Sep 12, 2021 @ 11:35am. In level 6 u need to walk 70K units (press g) #2. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Per page: 15 30 50. Enter The Backrooms > General Discussions > Topic Details.

1 - Take the left path and follow it around. On the loop around, there will be a door on your left. Ignore it, but hug the left wall after this point. 2 - When you enter this room, turn right. There will be a path in front of you and on your left. Take the left path and again, hug the left wall. 3 - Once again, turn right and you'll be faced ...

Level 6.1 is a sub-level between in Level 6 and Level 7. Level 6.1, frequently referred to as "The Snackrooms," is composed of an expansive structure resembling a food court. The level is distinct in that it is one of the only existing human-made Backrooms levels; initially, it was merely a minuscule concrete platform, however, through several M.E.G. operations, it has developed into a lively ...join me as I explore 100+ Backrooms levels in ONE VIDEO! I wanted to make this 10 hours, but it wouldn't fit on my PC (not enough storage) so there'll be a p...An image of a waterfall in Level 49 . Level 49 consists of an infinitely wide arrangement of interconnected tunnels and distinguished rooms that are dimly lit, with a variety of aspects and forms taking place in a sewer system; some rooms are a disposal for waste, others can be waterfalls flowing with indecent liquids and rubbish matters. Level (#): The entity is found only in its main habitat/level. Majority but mainly on level (#): The entity is found in a majority of levels but mainly its main habitat/level. Extinct: The entity has been wiped out. Nearly Extinct: Very few of the entity remain and are mostly found in hidden levels. Rare: The entity is found in less than 5 levels. Entity 6, commonly cited as Dullers, are infamous entities who reside in a plethora of levels within the Backrooms.Dullers tend to flourish in dim, rural areas in which outside interference is unlikely. These entities are very hostile and should be avoided at all costs. Dullers take on the appearance of long and dark humanoid-like beings with no humane …

A first known photograph of Level 86. Level 86, often known as "Downtown Diner," is a seemingly replica structure housed inside an extraordinarily enormous concrete chamber that repeats sections of a building-lined street for thousands of miles until eventually looping itself. The concrete textile construction resembles ancient architectural ...

Escape the Backrooms. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Escape the Backrooms > Guides > Bob Shnitzal's Guides. 27 ratings. Level 6 - Lights out Map. By Bob Shnitzal. A quick little walkthrough on how i remember the path for Level 6- lights out. Award. Favorite. Share. Basic map & how i remember the path.

Aug 9, 2021 @ 4:51pm. never mind i found a random poker table in level 5 and brought me to level 7 for some reason lol. #1. Techno09 Sep 12, 2021 @ 11:35am. In level 6 u need to walk 70K units (press g) #2. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Per page: 15 30 50. Enter The Backrooms > General Discussions > Topic Details. Want to learn more about this level: to hear more backrooms levels: Level 0是后室的第一层,也是大多数流浪者进入的首个楼层。 Level 0是一个广袤无垠的非欧几里得空间,外貌类似于零售店的仓库。Level 0的所有房间都具有相同特征:单调的黄色墙纸、老旧潮湿的地毯、分散的电线插座,以及不同位的荧光灯。除了这些普遍的特点之外,Level 0内部没有两个房间是完全 ...Level 7. Level 6, also known as Lights Out, is a pitch-black maze of darkness and doom. When using a Flashlight, it shows the level to be a destroyed, abandoned, and dirty labyrinth. You can find rusty lockers, dirty tables with Items on them, ladders, coils, and more objects scattered throughout.Level 6.66, also known as " Cryophobia " resembles a large dark basement, the level is made between small rooms and extremely long and narrow corridors. The entire place is completely dark and the only source of light are small lamps found in the rooms and corridors. The state of the level is decaying and the floor, walls, and ceiling looks burnt.Level 606.1: "Desert of Nightmares" Level 627.1: "000" [[{{{1}}}]] Level 666.1 — "Modern Hospital" Level 667.2: High-Stakes Dance..." Level 699.6: "A Decaying Void"

Level 0.5 consists of an endless series of randomly segmented cubic/rectangular solids, all completely covered in carpets in varying shades of blue. The composition of these solids is unknown, as the carpet seems to be unbreakable, but they are believed to be made out of some kind of metal. Notably, most carpets have straight black lines of ...Level Θ. Languages: rating: +66 + – x. ⠀. My abode, more appropriately titled Level Θ to you, is a sanctuary that lies beyond the expanses of the nearby province. Hush, you may rest your weary soul, there are no more challenges that lie ahead my dear shard. The Backrooms is an isolated place, residing outside the bounds of time.Backrooms Story. Level -666.6. survival difficulty 4 : unsafe. unsecure. infested. description-. lvl -666.6 or also called lvl "atonement" is a unique lvl like the entities wanderers also aren't trustworthy. This lvl will spawn you in a boat on a pond which seem to be endless the only confirmation that it is a pond is that in order to escape ...Level 0 is the 1st level of the Backrooms, being the first location that most wanderers will initially find themselves in. Level 0 is an expansive non-Euclidean space, resembling the back rooms of a commercial building. All rooms in Level 0 share the same superficial features, such as worn mono-yellow wallpaper, old moist carpet, scattered electrical outlets, and inconsistently-placed ...Level 6 consists of a series of metal hallways with brick floors and ceilings, along with colored metal pipes on the ceiling. Level 6 is known for its pitch-black darkness, which causes visibility to be low to the point that navigation to any area in the level is difficult. Flashlights cannot illuminate the level enough to increase visibility, though the light produced by Flashlights can be ...Made by me in FL StudioLicensed to the creators of Da Backrooms on Roblox.

The primary way of escape from Level 19 is to find a rusted, damaged door found in an area of the level with a higher roof than the rest of it. The door will not open at first, but if pushed on enough, it will eventually swing open, and you'll fall through. These are the Levels you will be able to access. Level -1 or Level -2. Level 5. Level 12.

Level 9.6 is a sub-level in between Level 9 and Level 10 of the Backrooms. Description [] Level 9.6, also referred to as 'Foggy Suburbs' and 'Beyond the Misty Suburbs', is an infinite suburban area with American architecture. The entire level is covered in perpetual fog and is stuck at midday.Five Nights at Backrooms. About fan game: Warning: This fan game contains assets from ,,Escape The Backrooms" and ,,Inside The Backrooms". Warning: This fan …Level 42, referred to as "Surreal Continuum" or "Reverberant Passage," is a seemingly never-ending urban hotel complex featuring multiple network corridors and hotel rooms beyond the doors on either side of the hall. The interior architecture of the buildings consists predominantly of concrete, with the infrequent expansion of manifold white ...El Nivel 6 se considera en gran medida como uno de los primeros niveles más peligrosos en Backrooms. Sin embargo, las investigaciones han demostrado que, hasta el momento, no se han encontrado entidades en este nivel. A pesar de esto, pocas personas parecen irse del Nivel 6. La razón de esto es desconocida.The Backrooms: Level 6 (Ambience) - YouTube. The Soundrooms. 513 subscribers. 14 views 22 minutes ago. Want to learn more about this level: http://backrooms …A non-colorised image of Level 95. Level 95 appears to be a large, sprawling group of apartment complexes enclosed by a forest characterised by the faint brown tint of the lights emanating from various sources. The moon constantly hangs overhead, trapping the level in a constant state of night. From the forest the faint chirping of crickets can ...Level 9.6 is a sub-level in between Level 9 and Level 10 of the Backrooms. Description [] Level 9.6, also referred to as 'Foggy Suburbs' and 'Beyond the Misty Suburbs', is an infinite suburban area with American architecture. The entire level is covered in perpetual fog and is stuck at midday.

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Level 1 - Habitable Zone (Skin-Stealers) Level 1: You will spawn in an empty garage, it is safe. Go to the far right through a red-ish door with a window. The count the car colors and remember the order (cars are read up-down, left-right. Ex: blue and green left, yellow green right, the code is blue green yellow green.)

Level 600, also known as "Planet 0," is a habitable planet orbiting a black hole. This black hole has been dubbed "Alphax." Alphax has the mass of the Sun but is only roughly 3½ miles in diameter. Because it doesn't orbit a star, the planet, nicknamed Alphax-B, is stuck at nighttime. Upon its initial discovery, Alphax-B had many buildings in ...Backrooms Entities. Here is the complete list of current Backrooms dot net Universe Entities. Backrooms Levels. The following list of Backrooms levels is the same list found on the Backrooms Level Encyclopedia page. If you are looking for the first room everyone seems to enter the Backrooms at, look in the Lobby (Level 0). ...Instructions. After you spawn, loot both rooms next to your spawn, and then start following hallways until you find LiDAR scanners. Then, once you find a LiDAR, equip one and that's where the hard part starts, flashlights don't …Description. Level 192 is a large forest that is several acres large. It seems to have a 24-hour daylight cycle, but the canopy is thick enough that the level stays consistently dark. The forest is comprised entirely of giant sequoias, or at the very least anomalous trees that vaguely resemble them. These trees are where the danger of the level ...Level -6,也被称为"被污染的自然"或"瘟疫楼层",是一片广阔的掺杂着核污染的森林,包括暗红的树木,橘色的草和枯萎的花朵。空气已经被核污染产生的烟雾污染,因为此物质起源于Level -6,并且至今仍存在于该楼层。 Level -6曾作为一个落叶和宜居的生存难度的楼层而广为人知。Level 1 is the 2nd Level of the Backrooms.. Description: Level 1 is a large, sprawling warehouse that features concrete floors and walls, exposed rebar, and a low-hanging fog with no discernable source. The fog often coalesces into condensation, forming puddles on the floor in inconsistent areas. Unlike Level 0, this Level possesses a consistent supply of water and electricity, which allows ...The hall is the first section of Level -6. In this section, an arrow points for wanderers to look at a large mutated spider with a green face. This arrow is a deceiving trick to make the wanderer run into the Aranea Membri to the left of spawn. The halls in this section of the level are green-blue in coloring, and somewhere around 20 feet tall.Backrooms Explained brings you animated stories and tales about the Backrooms and more!Brought to you by a few fans of the Backrooms and SCP.Level 332 is the 333 rd level of the Backrooms. This level is responsible for a well-known phenomenon in the Backrooms: a brass number "6" has been documented to appear on certain levels' doors, with any and all affected doors leading to Level 332. This occurrence is presumed to be completely random, and its cause is currently unknown.

Level 6 is the 7 th level of the Backrooms. Description. Level 6 is an expansive complex of indeterminate size, consisting of metallic walls, concrete floors, and complex systems of pipes. Strangely, the entirety of the level is shrouded in a complete, profound darkness, with any artificial sources of light being immediately extinguished upon ...Level 16 was named after the mental institute because M.E.G. believed it was associated with the mental asylum "Clement Memorial Mental Institution," also known as "J. Barry Mental Asylum," whose name originated with the mental asylum's owner. J. Barry Mental Asylum was a tiny non-government institution for the mentally ill that opened in 1969 on …When you open the door, turn right and click "F" while aiming at the Power Management Unit, then just switch all the levers to activate power. Now go to any pc and click "F" while aiming at pc to enter it, password is "Itheardyou", then run Gate.exe, exit pc and go back to Level 1 door, then turn left and click "F" while aiming at Security ...Instagram:https://instagram. winston salem'' craigslist for sale by ownerlancaster ca 10 day forecastla plata train station livefrontier flight 570 Do you need eCommerce business insurance for your online company, find out what your insurance obligations are to protect your digital presence. Of all the different types of busin...Level 6.1 is a Sub-Level of Level 6. This Level is an infinite mall cafeteria, with many different snack bars and joints. Description: Level 6.1 resembles an infinite 1 mall … brad maule nacogdoches txgina rodriguez tattoos 😈DALE LIKE Y TENDRAS BUENA SUERTE PA😈-----­­-----Aqui el link del juego para que vayan ...Entrances and Exits Entrances. Level 188 is somewhat unique in that it doesn't appear to have any concrete entrance in the Backrooms. Instead, the means to enter the level seems to shift at random. Wanderers have reported finding a rusted steel door set into a wall or natural surface across dozens of different levels, which upon entering almost universally leads them to the same empty room ... currency exchange international chicago il An image of Level 30. Level 30, also referred to as "Aquatic Cycles", is an extensive pool complex consisting of segmented, interconnected aquatic sections that vary in safety. The complex is divided in five distinct areas, each with varying layouts, which are connected linearly; however, two of the stations were progressively interdicted from ...Entering Level 666 is dangerously not arduous and wanderers can simply stumble upon an entrance easily in all levels of the Backrooms, excluding Level 0. Noclipping from and to Level 666 has been shown to be impossible. fig 6.0 An entrance to Level 666 in Level 10. 【 五点一.Level 606.1: "Desert of Nightmares" Level 627.1: "000" [[{{{1}}}]] Level 666.1 — "Modern Hospital" Level 667.2: High-Stakes Dance..." Level 699.6: "A Decaying Void"